industrial felt

Feutre en laine de l'entreprise Laoureux

The Laoureux company, located in Normandy in Déville-lès-Rouen, has been a specialist in woolen felt for nearly a century.

In various shapes such as discs, sheets, plates or rolls, Laoureux manufactures a range of pressed woolen felt and superfine – which is thinner and can also be made of synthetic materials – in large series.

A noble material par excellence highly prized for its natural properties, aesthetics and comfort, felt has many uses in the industrial world, particularly in the rail and aeronautical sectors. Some more technical felts such as the “piano felt” have made the reputation of Laoureux, a Living Heritage Company.

Wool is carefully selected in France but also in South Africa, which breeds a larger herd of Merino sheep. 

Laoureux is involved in “Les Rendez-vous Filières : la laine, le feutre, le design”, the first chapter of a series of meetings on the French wool sectors organized in partnership with the French Fashion Institute and Paris Good Fashion.