Florence Wuillai
every possibility of felt

Portrait de Florence Wuillai

Florence Wuillai, a graduate of the University of Arts of the Rhine in Mulhouse, is a young textile designer who is passionate about the many properties of wool felt. 

During her studies, her curiosity led her to develop her creative skills with craftsmen. During her internship with Elisabeth Berthon, a felt maker in Lyon, she discovered wool. This natural material offers a good grip of its fibres and, combined with its softness and thermal insulation properties, allows to conceive felt creations in all volumes, whether it is a textile sculpture or even a seamless garment. Her Fusion project was developed in collaboration with textile designers Wanda Buf and Laure Philippe. Its structures are entirely built with a felt made of a mix of wool and hemp. They are intended to become a playground for children. 

© Florence Wuillai

Felt manufacturing techniques also allow the colour by mixing coloured fibres. Thus, through a set of superimpositions and transparencies, layer after layer, the colours appear. Particularly attentive to colour, Florence Wuillai designs a range of felted materials from mesh panels and explores the combination of subtle colours from the blend of European flax and wool from fleeces of various breeds of French sheep.

© Florence Wuillai

As part of the TRICOLOR Office and on the occasion of Paris Design Week 2019, Florence Wuillai presents a new range of felted knits developed with European Flax and French wool in partnership with the European Flax and Hemp Confederation.