Lucien Albouy spinning mills
the yarn of creativity

Image de la Filature Albouy

Created in 1948 by Lucien Albouy, this spinning mill located in Castres in the Tarn region is one of the last French spinning mills to produce so-called “fantasy” yarns.

This family business employs nearly 25 employees specialized in the production of unique yarns such as folded, slub, or multicolored yarns, which are produced on the customer’s demand. With machinery dating from the 1950s for the oldest to the 1980s for the newer ones, Lucien Albouy et Cie’s spinning activity is based on the know-how transmitted from generation to generation within its teams. Over the seasons, according to the trends, inspiration, and the endless possibilities offered by the blending of materials, of colors and textures, the company develops yarns that are then woven or knitted by fashion, interior design or luxury brands. 

In the framework of the TRICOLOR material library, the Lucien Albouy et Cie spinning mill presents an original range of looped yarns developed with French wool. You can also see the workshops and teams of Lucien Albouy et Cie, as well as hear the stories of the company’s director Philippe Laubert, in the TRICOLOR web-series hereunder.