Les Pastorales: A Collection of Authentic and Ethical Throws and Yarns

Immerse yourself in a journey to the heart of the French countryside, where rolling hills and vast meadows harbor an ancient and precious heritage: sheep farming. “Les Pastorales” invites you to discover a collection of French wool throws, created by Made in Town in collaboration with passionate groups of breeders. Each throw in this unique range tells a captivating story, rooted in the cultural fabric of France and embodying the diversity of pastoral landscapes and traditions. Meticulously crafted, these throws celebrate the ancestral expertise in carded wool processing, offering an exceptional piece that is both luxurious and authentic. “Les Pastorales” throws are available for pre-order on Made in Town’s e-shop.

A Landscape of 100% French Expertise

The creation of the Les Pastorales throws begins with the meticulous selection of raw wool, gathered from French breeders committed to preserving pastoral traditions. In collaboration with the Collectif Tricolor, Made in Town has selected five breeds of sheep raised in various regions of France: the Vendéenne on the Atlantic coast, the Blanche du Massif Central and the Lacaune on the Massif Central plateaus, the Ile de France in the Ain, and the Préalpes du Sud in the Drôme, at the foot of the Alps.

Each batch of fleece is carefully inspected by the Ateliers de la Bruyère to ensure its quality and purity, reflecting the breeders’ respect for their flocks and the land they cultivate. Once selected, the wool is washed by Lavage de Laines du Gévaudan, carded and combed at Peignage Dumortier in Tourcoing to remove impurities and undesirable strands while preserving its natural softness and texture. This combing process also aligns the fibers in the same direction, facilitating subsequent spinning.

The wool is then spun in the Pyrenees by Boule de Neige to create high-quality carded yarns that are fine and strong. This stage requires unique expertise and great skill in handling animal fibers such as wool, mohair, cashmere, and angora, the latter being a specialty of this workshop for many decades.

A Unique Palette of Colors

The Les Pastorales collection features a range of colors developed exclusively by Made in Town. This unique palette results from a meticulous and innovative approach, combining different sources of inspiration and dyeing techniques. The natural shades of ecru and mixed wools, such as the black Merino d’Arles, the Noire du Velay, and the Bizet, showcase the variety of French raw fleeces, with a marbled brown hue obtained by blending fibers from different breeds. Additionally, the use of dyeing in the wool, carried out on the fibers before the spinning stage at Plo Ennoblisseur in Mazamet, experiments with dyes developed by Green’ing, such as light khaki from chestnut or pale yellow from weld. Finally, three synthetic colors dyed on yarns, created by Couleurs & Textiles near Cholet, enhance the range: green adret on the Préalpes du Sud, Rouge Capucine on the Blanche du Massif Central, and Yellow Primrose on the Lacaune. This palette of neutral and intense colors reflects the vibrancy and beauty of the landscapes: for each throw, no fewer than five colors intertwine.

Savoir-faire and Tradition

Once the yarns are obtained, they are warped and woven by Le Passe-Trame in the Tarn near Mazamet, a historic wool capital. A pioneer in transforming wools from various sheep breeds in partnership with many French sheep breeders since the mid-2000s, this small-scale workshop relies on industrial looms and embodies the revival and creativity of the French wool industry. The workshop has developed unique textures and patterns that are showcased on the two throw models in the collection: Apollo and Aristée, two deities from Greek mythology who watch over shepherds. This weaving process, which also includes fulling and finishing techniques carried out nearby by Établissements Ferrié, brings to life high-quality pieces where every detail is meticulously crafted to create a final product that is both comfortable and authentic.

Finally, the throws are carefully inspected and lovingly packaged, accompanied by a small sachet of lavender to ward off moths. Each throw embodies the heritage of French breeders and local manufacturing, demonstrating their dedication to preserving pastoral traditions and creating superior quality products in harmony with nature.

Support Authenticity and Sustainability with Les Pastorales

By choosing “Les Pastorales,” you support a local and sustainable economy while perpetuating centuries-old traditions. Each throw in this collection is the result of ancestral know-how, carefully preserved by passionate artisans and dedicated breeders. Let yourself be enveloped by the authenticity of our French countryside, where pastoralism embodies the harmony between man, flocks, and nature. By opting for these throws, you contribute to the preservation of environmentally friendly agricultural practices and help maintain the biodiversity of French sheep breeds. Bring a touch of warmth and tradition to your home with these unique pieces, symbols of a living heritage and a deep connection with the land and its natural treasures.

The collection is available for order here.

The map below shows the different breeds of sheep whose fleeces have been collected, as well as the people involved in each stage of the production process :