Negrita Modas: empowerment makes a strong impression

From the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Karine Priscila, creator of Negrita, transcends the boundaries of fashion with a unique marriage of colorful graphics and craftsmanship. Founder in 2012 of this now renowned Carioca brand, she brings to life hand-printed cotton pieces using the ancient technique of block printing. The very essence of Negrita Modas lies in its distinctive manufacturing process, combining craftsmanship and social commitment.

Negrita Modas stands out not only for its vibrantly colored prints, but also for its commitment to craftsmanship and women’s empowerment. Creative Director Karine Priscila personally oversees every stage of the creative process. Despite growth, Negrita retains its artisanal approach, ensuring that each piece remains unique and original.

Each piece is cut, printed and sewn in the workshop, lending unrivaled authenticity to all collections. The designer passes on her techniques individually to each artisan in the workshop, preserving the quality and uniqueness of each creation.

Beyond aesthetics, Negrita Modas is socially and culturally committed. With around ten designs, mainly inspired by the geometric patterns of the South African Ndebele people, from whom the founder’s family roots originate, Negrita appeals to a varied clientele. Karine Priscila categorically rejects the idea of cultural appropriation, stressing that every purchase supports and empowers black women in Brazil, whose roots go back to African immigration to the South American continent, mainly due to the slave trade currents at work between the two continents from the 17th to the 19th century. The brand celebrates culture and ancestry rather than exploiting them, embodying a conscious and respectful approach to multiculturalism.

Negrita Modas, more than just a clothing brand, embodies a passionately preserved artisanal heritage, imbued with Karine Priscila’s creativity and shaped by skilled hands. Available on the brand’s e-commerce platform, Negrita Modas garments offer a distinctive sartorial experience that marries elegance, craftsmanship and commitment. By supporting Negrita Modas, you are embracing fashion that goes beyond ephemeral trends, celebrating authenticity and empowerment.