In Tweed We Trust
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Mathieu Le Traon - In Tweed We Trust

Mathieu Le Traon’s vocation as a weaver originated from his encounter with the tweed and from the discovery of its evocative power, its ability to tell a landscape, an environment, a story…

After fifteen years as an international director of Parisian grandes écoles, he trained with Canadian and American weavers and began to become a craftsman weaver in Paris by founding In Tweed We Trust. He creates scarves, stoles, plaids and other luxury fabrics that he weaves by hand in unique copies or in very limited series, customizable, from noble animal fibers.

Italian or Scottish luxury yarns, rare wools from exclusive breeds preserved and valued by passionate breeders and spinners: the fibres he selects throughout Europe, from the Atlantic islands to the borders of Champagne, each have their own character and a unique sensual universe.

Convinced that a fabric can convey stories, landscapes, poetry and memory, Mathieu Le Traon proposes through In Tweed We Trust fabrics of high textile emotion, made from exceptional fibres.