Jean Bracq lace
The subtlety of the craft

Jean Bracq perpetuates a century-old family know-how and provides many fashion and luxury houses with their exceptional lace. 

Founded in 1889 in Caudry in the north of France, Jean Bracq develops its products using Leavers weaving looms, which are sometimes hundreds years old. This weaving technique, developed at the beginning of the 19th century in England in order to mimic the subtlety of handmade lace, was imported in France a few decades later and made the fame of the lace from the cities of Calais and Caudry.

This ancestral know-how, combined with the creativity of the Dentelles Jean Bracq studio, allows the company to develop unique lace products that attract the interest of some of the greatest Parisian and Italian fashion houses.

On the occasion of the touring exhibition The Lace Review, designed by Made in Town at the request of the City of Calais to showcase the know-how of the latest Leavers lace manufacturers, Jean Bracq’s creations were displayed in Paris, New York, and Shanghai, embodied by the silhouette of ‘the Adventurer’.

Jean Bracq’s workshops are featured in the book ‘The language of Leavers lace’, revealing throughout its pages their high quality craftsmanship and the vocabulary used to describe the manufacture of the finest lace. This joint edition with Made in Town is available in bookstores (ISBN 978-2-918579-23-6).