Take part in the renaissance of the French wool commodity chains!

Le Passe-Trame

For the 4th year, the Aviva Factory is providing financial support for useful, innovative and sustainable projects. Our project has been pre-selected and in order to receive funding we must reach a significant number of votes. 

Support our candidacy by voting on La Fabrique Aviva before June 3, 2019!

Our objective is to create a transversal structure that contributes to the rebirth of the French wool sector:
> to support and advise the sector by taking into account the specific challenges of all actors, in order to recreate value, coherence and transparency for all sectors
> promote all the products and know-how of the sector’s players through the creation of a qualitative image: ingredient branding, collective brand…
> distribute in our own Parisian showroom/concept store and on an online shop a selection of fashion and design products made exclusively of French wool

In order to provide solutions, we would:
> carry out a diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses at each level of the sector: breeding, collection and washing, processing, creation, promotion and distribution
> create a collective bringing together the different actors: private and public operators, professional federations…
> establish an action plan and a schedule of priorities
> seek additional partners and funding
> design a collective umbrella brand and image and communication content: ingredient branding, collective brand…
> develop a showroom and a BtoB distribution network, as well as BtoC sales through a Parisian concept store and an online store

> consulting and strategy support
> marketing and communication
> creation, research and development
> BtoB and BtoC distribution

For every €1 of unwashed raw wool currently exported*, its transformation into a finished product on the territory would create 100 times more added value, i.e. a potential of €770 million.

Barely 4% of the wool from French sheep is now processed on the territory. The objective by 2024 is to process 24% of the wool currently exported to Asia, representing a potential turnover of €192.5 million and the creation of at least a thousand direct jobs throughout the country.

*5392 tons exported to China at €1.42/kg / source: French Customs / Calculation: French Fashion Institute / year 2018