Collectif La Valise :

Blason du Collectif La Valise

During the exhibition BOOK SALOON, hosted by Made in Town during the Salon du Livre in Paris, SpMillot designed around an emblem that will be part of the fourth collection edited by Blazers/Blasons.

La Valise was founded in 1997 by artists Samia Oussadit and Pascal Leroux. This collective multiplies collaborations and produces multidisciplinary artistic projects. 

In 2016, La Valise created the Blazers/Blasons project, inviting artists annually to create their own emblem, a conceptual image of their artistic identity. It is then produced in mechanical embroidery and in a limited edition. Each badge is added to the collection, which is then compiled into an experimental and valuable book. Hand-bound by Amélie Doussot, an art bookbinder and restorer of ancient books, these volumes take the form of bestiaries and bring together the creative process behind each emblem.