Mollum Vellum
leather shows
its true colors

Mollum Vellum

Herin Hong chose to associate Japanese techniques to her taste for simplicity in the creation of her handmade leather accessories. She was born in Seoul, but it’s in London that she started Mollum Vellum in 2015, where she develops mostly small leatherwork defined by her patient and careful craftsmanship.

Herin was particularly interested in making pouches. She studied at the Institute of Arts of London, and continued for several months with a Japanese leather sensei master she met in Seoul. This experience helped her acquire traditional Japanese design and fabrication techniques, as well as pattern creation, that she now includes in her process. “​It certainly requires some time and effort to hand stitch a product; however, I enjoy the time I put into it and ultimately aim to reflect the craftsmanship regardless of what kinds of products I work on.”

What Herin loves best is visiting leather shops, and occasionally tanneries in the UK or Italy. She always selects high-quality leather, often vegetable or chrome dyed, and works with large brands-approved producers. “​I like hand stitching and painting leathers with contrasting colours. As I use high quality leathers, I don’t usually change its own character but do want to add more fun to products using contrasting colours of threads and edge paints.”

“I am exploring chances of eliminating unnecessary materials so that one can easily hold my bags without any hesitation.”  Mollum Vellum’s minimalist, delicate yet reliable accessories are a perfect match with the British capital. “London is a vibrant and creative place. Anyone can turn their ideas into a business, especially in the handcrafting world.”