Vault Furniture
a matter of construction

Vault Furniture is the result of a collaboration between Andrew Gooding and Brandilyn Dunkel, and their shared vision of creating functional furniture. Based in Chicago, the couple produces furniture and custom-made designs made from recycled materials.

Favorito Studio
Earthenware, wind
and flaura

Susana Garcia founded Favorito Studio, a small artisanal ceramics workshop for objects and home decoration, in 2014. In the family atelier in Valdemorillo, forty minutes away from Madrid, the designer creates and enhances the beauty in things that surround us everyday.

Hornskov København
flamboyant hats

Hornskov Kobenhavn is a small family millinery established in 2015 by Peter Robert and Cathrine. In their workshop situated on the Christianshavn island in the heart of Copenhagen, Cathrine focuses on the business side of things while Peter makes custom made hats as well as designs for the wholesale market.

Four Leaf Wood Shop
from the wood

Four Leaf Wood Shop first opened its doors in 2015, at the impulse of Jack Gérard and Geneviève Barrere. In their Ojaj, California workshop, these two young Americans create and produce wooden kitchen utensils – mainly spoons, but also spatulas and knives – using artisanal techniques.

Cut Throat Knives
A cut above

Aidan Mackinnon threw himself into knife making convinced that quality cutlery enhances any culinary experience. “Cooking is one of life’s great joys and knives are often our primary interaction between ourselves and our food.” In his shop in Melbourne, Australia, he lovingly forges high quality knives so that they can be used and passed on to generations of cooks.

Atelier Alberdi
en route for
the basque country

Making a traditional Basque makhila, an elegant and precious walking stick, requires an ancestral know-how that the Atelier Alberdi, based in Irun, has been one of the rare workshops to continue to use and develop for generations. A symbol of the Basque culture, the makhila is a walking partner for life and is usually gifted as a sign of respect. But it also serves for protection, as in the shaft hides a blade: a self-defense option that was very popular in the 17th century!

Veló by Zin
building boots

Veló by Zin was born from the encounter of two architects, Niccolo Di Paola and Zaida Mañas. In 2013, their shared wish to create and make shoes using a traditional process pushed them to establish their own workshop in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona.

Nadine Glerperlur
the gem of glass

In her Kopavogur workshop near Reykjavik, Nadine Martin has been handmaking glass pearls since 2007, transforming them into jewelry or carefully incorporating them into everyday objects. She discovered glass working early on while traveling in her home country of France, and was immediately attracted to the craft that continues to fascinate her today.

URSA Textiles
The thread of
cultural heritage

Elizabeth Gleeson is American and passionate about producing ethical and artisanal fabrics. She started URSA Textile in 2013 in an effort to create quality, beautiful, and functional products, while developing durable partnerships with traditional workshops in Argentina.