Favorito Studio
Earthenware, wind
and flaura

Bols favorito

Susana Garcia founded Favorito Studio, a small artisanal ceramics workshop for objects and home decoration, in 2014. In the family atelier in Valdemorillo, forty minutes away from Madrid, the designer creates and enhances the beauty in things that surround us everyday.

“I was always interested in art. I dedicated myself to painting and photography at certain moments of my life, but my interest in ceramics was sparked a few years ago and emerged by observing the objects we use to decorate our houses, with which we are in contact every day.” Today, Susana brings her ideas to life and looks for inspiration in the spaces and nature she finds around her, as well as the animal kingdom.

Favorito Studio designs are all made by hand, one by one, in a foundry using molds and white earthenware. The materials used are sourced locally near the Mediterranean coast. To ornament her pieces, Susana uses a transferring technique, from paper to faience. “I am always testing out new materials and techniques, I like looking for new textures and shapes.”

The pieces are soft and colorful, made with love and care while the irregularity of ceramic work still shines through. “The process of pottery is slow, the results are not immediate, which is both good and bad. You have to master each step of that process, but you are also working with many blind spots.”