Lily Latifi
Textile from an interior perspective

For 20 years, Lily Latifi has been designing the layout of spaces in a spirit of sobriety and rigour. In the colourful atmospheres that she creates, textiles and felt in particular play a major role in the service of light and comfort.

Space divisions, light filtering, acoustic attenuation… her creations are not purely aesthetic, they are above all a functional and personalized element of the decor. The diversity of the fabrics on offer – combined with the many original designs created by the textile designer – ensure a wide variety of variations and sublimate the unique spirit of each place. 

At the beginning of each project, Lily Latifi studies the lighting and soundproofing requirements of each room. This initial inventory makes it possible to select the most appropriate materials – transparent cotton gauze, polyester panels or natural wool felt walls – before imagining the mechanism that will work to operate modular partitions, retractable curtains or sliding blinds.

But of all the materials, felt is her favourite… Thick, supple and natural, it fulfils today’s expectations and Lily Latifi has dedicated a range of panels and partitions to it in order to put its physical and mechanical properties at the service of interior architecture and the layout of spaces.

For the TRICOLOR project, presented at the Made in France Première Vision 2019 exhibition, she created felted wool sheet panels that highlight a palette of shades from the natural colours of French sheep’s fleeces.