Atelier Chatersèn
wood in all its nature

Fauteuil Bohème Atelier Chatersen

Ar​naud Mainardi was first trained in the various traditional woodworking trades – cabinetmaker, chairmaker, strip maker* – and complementary techniques such as steam bending or basketry. In 2006, he founded the Chatersèn workshop.

Very close to nature – his workshop is located in the middle of the forest near the Vignanese country in Alzon, between Causses and Cévennes – the craftsman-designer is committed to revisiting these ancient skills to design and manufacture innovative eco-responsible furniture and objects in raw wood, which he sometimes combines with other local materials such as wool. He mainly works with chestnut wood, giving its name to the workshop, which allows him to obtain a multitude of finishes and material effects.

As part of the TRICOLOR Office and on the occasion of Paris Design Week 2019, Atelier Chatersèn presents the “Vernacular” collection, which consists of an armchair, an ottoman, a coffee table and a lamp. The collection was developed in collaboration with designer Luigi Priolo, Les Carrières de Montdardier, the weaving workshop Le Passe-Trame, upholsterer Anaïs Hugon and upholsterer Christophe Bouloc, using raw chestnut wood, French sheep wool and Montdardier limestone.

*The job of a strip maker consists in making chestnut slatted circles to surround the barrels.

TRICOLOR Atelier Chatersen x Luigi Priolo

© Atelier Chatersèn x Luigi Prilo, Made in France Première Vision 2019, Photo : Romain Guittet